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CrossCode CrossCode

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very impressive!! I really like the effort that's gone into this and how it requires actual brain power to figure out some of the tasks. A lost art in modern gaming where there is little to no satisfaction for completing ridiculously easy games.

5 stars!

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PewDuckPie 2 PewDuckPie 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

First I must point out that I was a Beta tester on this game so there will be some bias with what I'm about to say. However I hope people do not let that fact take away from what I might write in this review.

The sequel to the famous Pewduckpie has addressed several issues from the first installment. The early levels have been made easier (but not easy) so as to be more accessible to those who found the first level of Pewduckpie 1 far too difficult. In order to balance that out the latter levels have been made harder then the first game in order to provide an even greater challenge to those who want it.

This game is also more creative then the first one in that it has a greater variety of traps and enemies including new ideas not seen in rage games before. It is also less unfair and relies more on skill rather then trial and error from falling into unseen traps. The graphical quality has been increased and there is wide range of different colorful levels each with their own unique soundtrack. The creator has worked extremely hard to make this all possible.

However for me the greatest quality of this game is in the challenge it provides the player. For too long now games have become easier and easier. This is bad news because it means people do not need to work hard and improve their skills to complete a game. Nothing gives the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction like completing a challenging game. It forces you to improve yourself and develop not just physical skills like improving Sensorimotor function but emotional skills as well. You certainly need to use your brain to progress in this game.

To complete difficult games you need to be able to control your anger and develop patience to a high level. If you can master your emotions to complete a difficult rage game then those skills do not simply end there. You can apply your newly developed sense of control to other areas of life too. The ability to control your emotions and focus on a difficult task is an extremely useful skill to have in life.

So I hope this game can maybe play a part in reversing the trend of super easy games that provide little to no challenge. If we never challenge ourselves then we will never really improve in any area of our life. Pewduckpie 2 not only provides a much needed challenge but alot of humour to go with it! It can be a very funny experience for many who wish to play this. It's Troll humour at it's finest!

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zoyer responds:

A really great and detailed review, thanks man! Great to have you on the team! :)

Molly's Milk Match Molly's Milk Match

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cute game! and I'm a sucker for colorful graphics!

It's a simple straightforward concept that can entertain in short bursts of play. Would fit perfectly as a mobile game on the go.

However the difficulty curve is simply not steep enough. It was only when I got to level 10 that I felt like the difficulty actually increased in the game. Then when the bees appeared on level 11 or 12 I finally felt the game was becoming a challenge worth playing. It's needs to become harder more quickly because playing 9 levels before I feel tested is far too long.

As others have said also the baby should follow the mouse faster and there really needs to be some more variety of music as well. The song gets really tedious quickly for me.

If these things were addressed the game would get 4 stars from me. However this is a good attempt to make an enjoyable game and the creator is to be commended.

gwithu responds:

Thank you for playing the game that far. Yes, I have received similar opinions like yours from your team and so on. This game is originally taking into account involving much younger players than those on this website, so probably I should consider a harder version as an option.

Your review is totally helpful and I think I've got enough reviews to get on fixing. Yep, more music is always more entertaining x ) I'll go for it!

Thanks again for playing and helpful info. Stay in touch! : )

Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes

Rated 0 / 5 stars

One of the worst games that has positive ratings that I have ever come across and that is fucking saying something!

Where exactly is the challenge here by the way? Oh yeah there is none! If there is no challenge then what exactly is the point?

Shame on all the people that gave this nonsense a postive review while far superior games which actually took alot of time and effort are either ignored or have significantly less views then this rubbish. Alot of you need to take a good long hard look at yourselves if you actually find this entertaining.

Somehow no stars still dosen't feel like I'm scorely this harshly enough.

PewCatPie 2 PewCatPie 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Everybody should play this game if only for one reason.


Now I'm not saying the person who created this music is in the league of Mozart or Beethoven. No they have actually supassed them!!

By playing this music super loud on my speakers so the whole house vibrates it's magnificent beauty brought me and family together in a way I never thought possible. The love has never been greater. In fact the Police should go down to the hood and play this music and watch how all gang violence and crime will dissapear straight away as they are all overcome with new joyfull and peacefull emotions!

I played this again today to demonstrate how shit my friend is at these games. In other words any game which actually requires any skill! Remember this boys and girls if you have no patience, no memory and poor hand eye coordination then you are fucking shit at REAL games okay? Being good at piss easy games is NOTHING!

So prove yourself and play this game until you complete it and accomplish something in your life! The music will make it much easier for you anyway as you overcome with love and joy!

PewCatPie 3 - The End PewCatPie 3 - The End

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So many weaklings in our species these days. This game is brilliant Actually provides a challenge and rewards you with creativity instead of the same shit over and over again common in most rage games and games in general.

For me personally this game could be 10 times harder and it would still be cool.

Pewcatpie 3 is the last of the series and shows an evolution in the authors game creating skills. Not sure which is my favourite to be honest. They each have their own distinct characters but I definetly died the most on this one especially level 2!

To zoyer lol at level 3! I was like wtf is happening then when the truth was revealed my mind was truly blown. In fact I think I may still be in denial about the whole thing.

Great chase in level 2. You needs brains to complete it oh and thank you for that nice suprise when walking toward the light!

Amazing series dude. Was great to play. I understand you are going in a different direction for pewduckpie 2 due to genetic weakness of todays retarded generation. However I hope one day you can make another series much MUCH harder then what you have done so far. I LOVE A CHALLENGE!

Great series dude am spreading the word for you and I hope pewdiepie plays this one day.

zoyer responds:

Thanks mate! Always really glad to hear stuff like this! Really appriciate it! haha yes level 3! I felt i had to put down something, took the first best that came to my mind! I'm pretty happy with the Chase in level 2 thanks! :)

Yes you're right, too many people doesn't want any challange these days, I don't know what's wrong! I hope people will start going in another direction and start seeing the point in games like this one. In Pewduckpie 2 I will have a level that will be super difficult and unfair, since I can't just make a game without any unfairness in it! So that level will be awsome for you my friend! :)

Really glad to hear all this love! Glad you like it and thanks for spreading the word! :)

PewDuckPie - On the Run PewDuckPie - On the Run

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yo dude what have you done to the game? The music is different on the first level and the chase from the red head guy has been made easier?

The big problem though is the ghost thing on level 3. Everytime I collect exactly 5 bananas no more of them appear so I'm stuck and can't continue past this point.

This never happened before when I completed Pewduckpie before so what gives?

By the way cool game man I love showing others how shit they are at gaming when I complete it and show them how it should be done. Games like this seperate the strong and the weak in our species.

zoyer responds:

I had to change the music since it's copyrighted, sorry about that, can try to make a similar sound to it, will see if i can :) Felt i had to make the red head guy easier since everyone wants to suicide at that part.

You sure no more appears? I just played it through and i could collect everyone of them. try to restart that level again.

Thanks :) haha yes exactly, it's a perfect test ;)